Pro version: PREMIUM
Customize your online surveys by subscribing to the pro version of our online polling site with the following PREMIUM options:

Questionnaire Design & Thank You Form (Color and Style)
Modify the color code of the questionnaire, texts, including the form of thank you

Multi-page questionnaires
Create one-by-one questionnaires with one (or more) questions per page

Logo and image
Integrate your own company logo on your questionnaires. Insert images into your questionnaire

Add YouTube videos or other HTML formats to your quizzes

Percentage bar
The percentage bar fills as the questionnaire is completed

Exclusive to Set the time (example: 5 min) to complete the questionnaire, at the end of the time allotted the questionnaire is sent automatically

Protect access to your online surveys with a password

Thank you message
The Premium version allows you to customize the thank you text after the survey is sent

URL redirection link
At the end of the survey to redirect your respondents to your site

Email notifications
You will receive an e-mail response to each completed questionnaire

Sharing results
Survey statistics are released at the end of the survey

Export data
Export the data of your online surveys to other statistical packages: .xls (Excel), .csv (SPSS)