The “Soorvey Sustainable Development” company was established in 2018 in Luxembourg. Our product is the Soorvey.com free and unlimited online survey website. It was developed In Lausanne in 2017.

Yes!  The basic version is completely free with no limit to the number of questions, answers or time.  You can export your data to other statistical programs (OpenOffice, Excel, SPSS etc.) at any time.

Online surveys save on:

  • paper: online surveys are much better for the environment than paper surveys
  • money: no printed matter and no mailings
  • time: respondents code their answers themselves and the results are generated automatically
  • errors: entering data from paper questionnaires into statistical programs can give rise to data entry errors and can therefore skew your research.

This website can be used by everybody: private individuals, students, associations and companies.  Children and minors are authorised to use Soorvey.com.

No, there is no software to download in order to use Soorvey.com

This program is intuitive and very simple to follow. It has been built so as to offer you maximum convenience and its ergonomic design has been specially designed to make it easy to use.
Soorvey.com is suitable for small screens (tablets, mobile phones, etc.).

  • Personalise the STYLE of your questionnaire (colours, thank you message, etc.)
  • Add your own LOGO, IMAGES and VIDEOS (YouTube) to your questionnaire
  • Add PASSWORDS to protect your surveys, PROGRESS BARS, COUNTDOWN, etc.
  • Add a LINK BACK to your website after the thank you message

This means that we support the idea of sustainable development in various ways:

  • Offering our users the possibility of conducting unlimited free online surveys, saving paper and preventing the disappearance of trees and forests. Your data are ecologically stored in Switzerland.
  • Supporting official organisations in the field of Sustainable Development.
  • We cover 5 main areas of Sustainable Development : the ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH, FAIR TRADE, HUMAN RIGHTS and EDUCATION.

These often-interacting fields are all linked to human behaviours that can be analysed by means of online surveys.  This service is free at Soorvey.com.


No, there’s no time limit for accessing your answers.

Your data will remain in your account until you delete them or delete your account.

Yes, in the ANSWERS section, select the EXPORT option. You can export your data to OpenOffice or SPSS for example (.csv file).


Firstly, you need to be registered as a FREE member.  After you have logged in, go to your ACCOUNT in order to activate your Premium account.

Yes, all payments are protected by PayPal, one of the most secure payment systems on the Internet.

When your subscription expires, you will keep your data but you will no longer be able to personalise your questionnaires.

You can cancel your account at any time by going to your account and selecting the “Delete My Account” option.  In this case, be warned that you will permanently lose all the data relating to this account.


Soorvey guarantees the confidentiality of your personal data.  Your data are protected and will never be disclosed.  For further details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Soorvey guarantees the confidentiality of your respondents’ data.  They are protected and will never be disclosed.  For more details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Your data are stored in Luxembourg.  This guarantees the best level of security for your data.